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Dataviz Studio provides GDPR compliant website analytics with the ability to track user actions across your web site.

Following Demos demonstrate the capabilities and numerous use cases of Dataviz Studio.

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Simply upload your CSV file and Dataviz Studio will convert it into an interactive dashboard which you can customize and share with anyone.

Hint: You can convert any Spreadsheet to a CSV File by using 'Save As' option in Excel and selecting 'CSV' as the file type.

Customize Your Dashboard

You can customize the colors, layouts and graphs to make your very own personalized Dashboard.

Share it With Anyone

Share your Dashboard with anyone with a share link.

Feature Specification

Track User Actions/Events

You can track events on a web page, for example, when a user clicks a button or capture any type of interaction with the user interface. You can also generate custom events through JavaScript.

Feature Specification

Platform Features

Dataviz Studio platform is packed with some amazing features and capabilities.

GDPR Compliant

Track User Actions

SQL Queries

Metrics over REST API

GDPR Compliant

Dataviz Studio uses an open source software called Umami to collect website analytics data from your visitors. It's a simple and fast website analytics alternative to Google Analytics. Umami is GDPR compliant and does not store any personally identifiable information and anonymizes all collected data - which means you don't have to display any cookie notice to your visitors.

Metrics over REST API

Each Dataviz Studio account features a dedicated endpoint to receive your metrics over REST API. You can send Metrics or Stats from your Servers, IOT Devices or Applications to Dataviz Studio using the REST API and visualize them in real-time. They are also aggregated to allow for fast queries.

Reasonatics AI (Coming Soon)

Features Generative AI, which fully integerates with your data as well as allows you to upload any documents (as pdf or text files) and enables you to unlock key insights from them to produce tables and graphs or any information.

SQL Queries

Dataviz Studio allows you to write your own SQL Queries and display the results directly on the graph. This enables you to create highly customized graphs to meet your requirements.

Data Aggregation for Fast Queries

Dataviz Studio aggregates all the key Website Statistics, UTM Tags and Metrics to provide great user experience with fast queries.

Customizable Interactive Graphs

Dataviz Studio features highly customizable and interactive dashboards allowing the users to change color scheme and layout.

Feature Specification

Interactive Graphs

Dataviz Studio features interactive and customizable graphs.

Area Graph

Bar Graph

Polar Graph

Flipped Bar Graph