Visual Analytics

Dataviz Studio is a powerful cloud-based platform which allows you to create your own tables with your data and manage them from your smartphone or computer and perform advanced reporting and analytics using the built-in Tables and Charts that allows you to capture, visualize and analyze your data in real-time.

Inventory/Asset Management

Manage your inventory with Dataviz Studio. You can view and update your items or assets using your smartphone and track them in real-time.

SVG Layouts

Create Interactive Charts using SVG Images to represent your warehouse or store layout.

Inventory Table

You can create your own inventory table that meets your business needs. You can use it for any purpose including tracking your invetory, assets or tasks.

Any changes made to items in your Inventory Table are automatically tracked and available for reporting and analytics.

Smartphone App

You can create QR Codes or Barcodes for your items and use our App to scan them to add new items, take pictures, view and make changes to your items.

Dataviz Studio App is available on both Android and Apple Smartphones for free.

Dataviz Studio is

Simple yet powerful

Dataviz Studio empowers you to expeirence the benefits of cloud based data analytics and reporting while keeping the learning curve as low as possible.

You simply create tables with the fields you need and use our easy to use Table and Graph Modules to manage them, perform powerful analytics and create reports that can be accessed by your team members anywhere in the world.

Barcode Integration

Our Smartphone App allows you to scan almost any Barcode or QR Code. After the scan, the App will show you the items that match the code. With QR Code, the App has a feature which can automatically assign a provided value to any column.

Multi-Location Support

You can define custom Location field/s in your inventory table to track location of your items based on your unique use case.

Comprehensive Reporting

The platform comes with an advanced Table which allows you to generate highly customized reports for both your inventory and your inventory's history of changes.

Multiple User Access Levels

You can create multiple User Accounts with 3 Access Levels: Admin, User and Guest. A Guest can only view and update entries but cannot delete them whereas a User can also create and delete tables.


As your business/needs grow, you can subscribe to a higher plan to have the ability to add more items. You can always contact us so we can help you meet your unique needs.

Real-time Dashboard

You can view changes made by any user to any Data Table including Inventory Table in real-time. This enables you to track tasks, items or status instantly and everyone in your team can view this in real-time.

Feature Specification

Platform Features

Dataviz Studio platform is packed with some amazing features and capabilities.

Access from anywhere

Inventory Management

Real-time Analytics

Advanced Graphs

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory with Dataviz Studio. You can create your own inventory table that meets your business needs. Create QR Codes or Barcodes for your items and use our App to scan any codes and create items instantly or view and update them in real-time.

Real-time Analytics

Dataviz Studio provides real-time analytics on all your data tables including inventory table. This enables you to create highly customized graphs which can provide key insights in your data.

Customizable Interactive Graphs

Dataviz Studio features highly customizable and interactive charting module allowing users to view their data in many different graph types.

Reasonatics AI (Coming Soon)

Features Generative AI, which fully integerates with your data and enables you to unlock key insights to produce tables and graphs.

Dataviz Studio

Use Cases

Here are some of many use cases of Dataviz Studio.

Simple Inventory Management

Warehouse style inventory management to help you keep track of how much inventory you have and where it is. You can use barcodes or QR codes for easier scanning and updating the items.

Asset Tracking & Management

Great for businesses who need to keep track of moving assets between multiple locations or clients by your team. Your team members can take pictures on each update to keep a record and update relevent fields (Location).

Task Tracking & Management

Create and manage tasks for your work. Tasks can be assigned to your team members who can provide updates. Great to track progress of each task and view updates in real-time.

Multi Location/Job Item Tracking

By using item categories and scan codes, you can easily manage your items needed for mulitple locations or tasks and update relevent fields (e.g., Status, Location) to keep track of them in real-time.

Items Journey Tracking

Dataviz Studio automatically tracks changes made to your inventory items which makes it possible for you to track all changes made to an item whether it's an update to it's Location or Status or any other field.

Process Workflow Management

Easily breakdown any process or workflow into stages and track each stage within Dataviz Studio in real-time.